The INVEST Project: Mobilizing Private Investment for Development
    Through INVEST, USAID seeks to unlock the potential of private capital to drive inclusive growth in countries around the world. Increasingly, private investors and businesses are looking to emerging markets for better returns and new market opportunities. Encouraging investment in these markets in high-impact areas important to USAID such as agriculture, financial services, infrastructure, energy, clean water, health, and education, however, requires new forms of collaboration between USAID and the investment community.
    Blended finance session at SOCAP17
    Convergence will be hosting a blended finance session at SOCAP17 that brings together diverse actors from the blended finance landscape to explore how blended finance deals are made and what makes them work.
    Convergence at UNGA Week
    As UNGA week kicks off in NYC, we wanted to share some of the events we’re involved in and attending. We hope to see some of you there!
    Impact bonds in developing countries: Early learnings from the field
    During UNGA week Convergence and the Center for Universal Education at the Brookings Institute launched the report Impact Bonds in Developing Countries: Early learnings from the field. This is the first report to take stock of the current state of impact bonds in developing countries – who’s doing them and where, the challenges and obstacles they face, and where we need to go from here.